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Best Legal Tech 2024

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Nothing but the best enterprise legaltech.

Find the best software for anything and everything you want to accomplish, as decided by software buyers on the world’s largest and most trusted legal tech marketplace.

Theorem is proud to share our 2024 LEGAL TAM & Best LegalTech Awards List

Each day, new and returning users visit Theorem to leverage our growing community of trusted users, contributors and reviewers, to feel empowered to make intelligent software buying decisions for their business.

Best Software awards are earned by companies across the globe that provide best-in-class products and experience for their customers, as determined by verified users from our network of leading legal organizations.

Legal Tech Stack Community

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LegalTech Company of the Year

LegalTech Innovator of the Year

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The fastest contract drafting experience ever made
Theorem Awards

LegalTech Startup of the Year

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Microsoft Word plug-in that helps users draft contracts faster by granting instant access to the firm's collective knowledge base

LegalTech Product Suite of the Year

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Litera Desktop is an integrated toolbar for document drafting. Draft documents through this single Word ribbon/add-in.

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Contract Management

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Document Management (ECM)


Enterprise Legal Management (ELM)

Legal Research, Data & Analytics

Legal Operations

Outside Counsel / Legal Spend Management

Litigation / Case & Matter Management

No-Code Automation Software

Practice Management

Start Ups

Tech Enabled Service + ALSP

Contract Review

Entity Management


What are the Theorem Legal Tech TAM Awards?

Annual Legal TAM (total addressable market) Awards are brought to you by Theorem, the recognized global legaltech marketplace leader, which powers technology adoption for the leading organizations in the legal industry. The mission of the annual Legal TAM Awards program is to highlight the top legaltech solutions by conducting the industry’s most comprehensive analysis and evaluation of technology companies, solutions and products in the legal industry by gathering metrics from our network of leading legal organizations–including top associations such as CLOC and the ACC. For more information, visit www.theoremlegal.com

What are the Theorem Best Software Awards?

Theorem’s Annual Best Software Awards compile data from across our network of legal buyers - including legal professionals, companies, and leading organizations/associations - and ranks the world’s best software companies and products based on authentic, timely reviews and tech stack data that we collect from real (Verified) users across the network. The Best Software Awards recognize the top solution providers by their core category.

How are the Best Software Awards different from quarterly software badge and award lists?

For our annual TAM Best Software Awards, Software companies are ranked based on a combination of Marketplace metrics, Satisfaction, and Market Presence Scores for each vendor during the evaluation period - in this case, the calendar year. Other best software lists, quarterly badge programs and reports might include more or less data which would potentially show different rankings for software companies and products.

How are the winners determined?

Winners are generated using Theorem’s proprietary algorithm based on market activity captured on Theorem Marketplace, verified user reviews, and publicly available market distribution/capture data, including active user data captured by Theorem StackShare - the first legal tech stack intelligence platform. The top products are ranked based on reviews across all categories they are a part of, and a combination of Satisfaction and Market Presence scores. Satisfaction is an aggregate score based on a company’s products across their selected/assigned categories.

How many reviews does a vendor need to be eligible?

To be included in one of Theorem’s Best Software Products Lists, a software company or product must receive at least 10 approved and published reviews during the prior calendar year. Scores reflect only data from reviews submitted during this evaluation period.

Can software products win multiple categories?

Yes. A software seller and/or product has the potential to be included on multiple lists.

How are legaltech stack data and reviews verified and vetted?

At Theorem, it is our mission to remain neutral. Unlike other marketplaces, whose stakeholders may have a direct interest in certain vendors, we pride ourselves on the ability to be objective and trustworthy, with reviews being thoroughly vetted. To ensure this, we require the use of a LinkedIn™ account or verified business email address to validate a Theorem reviewer’s identity and current employer. All stackshare participants, even guests, must also verify their identify., We also validate reviewers by partnering with leading legal organizations to securely authenticate users through select platforms (eg. CLOC, ACC, etc). Moreover, vendors can not participate. We do not allow users to leave reviews for their current employers, former employers, or competitors. 

I am a vendor – how can I get listed and connected with buyers?

Easy. Get started by creating a free account – select vendor and then choose who you want to target by selecting the appropriate plan.

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